Our Programs

Our Programs Offer Assistance for Injuries Sustained During Active Duty

Active Duty SOF or First Responder

We provide immediate financial grants to alleviate some of the burdens for a Special Operator that has suffered combat related injuries or a First Responder that has suffered job related injuries.

Retired SOF or First Responder

We provide assistance to retired SOF personnel and First Responders whom may be suffering from long-term health problems caused during their active duty years.

Surviving Family

We provide financial help that is not covered under the larger benevolent programs to alleviate any needs for Surviving families of SOF and First Responders.


This grant program is for Special Operators and First Responders designated care giver. Whether the disability that requires care is physical or emotional trauma, it is proven that a caregiver's effectiveness can be affected by their own fatigue, both mental and physical. This grant would be a max of $2500 for wellness retreats or similar programs to benefit the caretakers emotional and physical health. 

Application for Assistance

*All information submitted is confidential and will not be shared or disclosed.

Please provide the amount you are asking for ($5,000 max lifetime for SOFs, First Responders and Surviving Family.
$2,500 max lifetime for Caretaker grant). Also please upload appropriate supportive documents.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and assist our country's special operations forces and first responders. Your generous donation will change lives for the better.

The Navy SEAL Danny Dietz Foundation is a 501c3 non profit.  Tax ID 47-5278378